30 Dark Facts About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


Note: What we write here today will offend many. But, we have absolutely no intentions to make them happy either. What we write here today is an attempt to unmask the naked truth that has been hidden from us for long. We have been taught distorted history and we will be taught the same distorted history for long… still, we all deserve to know the truth.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi – and mind it, he was not a Mahatma in any sense) was actually a racist and a mean person.

If he did not show up in scene, India would have earned her independence years ago by riding the shoulders of the likes of Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and more.

So, instead wasting time here, penning down a nice opening paragraph is something we will like to skip and dive deep into the dark facts about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Dark Facts About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: 1-5

1. Despite being a Hindu by faith, to please the Muslims in the country (to prevent communal tensions), Gandhi banned the song Vande Mataram, which was not only worshiped by the Bengali community but also became a source of inspiration for India during the uprising against the British.

2. However, Muhammad Ali Jinnah objected to the song along with a few Muslim followers of his. Gandhi showed little regard for national sentiment and forced the whole nation to completely abandon the song after Jinnah demanded a ban on the song in 1938.

3. What followed was that the Congress circulated a manifesto in 1940, forbidding members of Congress from using the terms “Vande Mataram” during any announcement they make or during in public speech they deliver.

Source (#1 to #3): The Sacrifice of 55 Crores (Panchavanna Kotinche Bali) – 1971 | Written by Gopal Vinayak Godse.

4. Gandhi tried to propagate “Hindustani” as national language. This itself showed his pro-Muslim policy. In order to appease the Muslims, who didn’t like the idea of Hindi becoming India’s premier language, Gandhi shifted his stance from pro-Hindi to pro-Hindustani.

5. Hindustani, according to Gandhi was a sweet amalgam of Hindi and Urdu. The truth was that Hindustani was only a hybrid language – Hindi prostituted by Urdu. Hindustani was nothing more that a bastard language with no grammar and of course, no vocabulary at all.

Dark Facts About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: 6-10

6. Gandhi’s push for Hindustani (which he claimed to be flexible enough to proliferate with inputs from other regional languages and an undeniable contender for opposing English) led to brutal rape of Hindi (and of course Sanskrit) via creation of perversions such as Ustad Vasishth, Begum Seeta and Badshah Ram. Fortunately however, Hindustani never made it as national language of India.

Source (#4 to #6): The Great Speeches of Modern India | Written by Rudrangshu Mukherjee.

7. That’s not the end. Gandhi’s love for the Muslims is well reflected by the fact that he demanded that Hindu refugees who occupied a mosque in Delhi should empty it peacefully else, he will fast to death. He actually went into fasting.

However, when the Muslims were brutally killing and raping Hindus in the newly formed Pakistan, he didn’t go into fasting and neither did he say anything to prevent the atrocities on Hindus.

Source: Same as #4 to #6

8. Want to know more pro-Muslim ideas of the fanatic we often call Mahatma Gandhi? On 6th of April 1947, Gandhi gave a speech where he said that even if the Muslims are out there, slicing through Hindu masses to wipe out the Hindu race, the Hindus should say nothing and should not be angry with the Muslim people.

9. During the same speech, he said that if the Muslims slit the throats of the Hindus, Hindus should accept death.

Source (#8 and #9): Fashi ani Nathuram Godse | Written by Gopal Godse.

dark facts about mohandas karamchand gandhi
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10. Possibly you don’t know, there was a man named Swami Shraddhanandji who started re-inducting people into Sanatana Dharma (or Hinduism as we call it) who were forcefully converted into Islam. This did not go well with someone called Abdul Rashid – a Muslim fanatic, who on December 23, 1926, killed / assassinated Swamiji at his home in Delhi’s Naya Bazar.

Dark Facts About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: 11-15

11. After his death, Gandhi delivered a speech on 25th December 1926 where his condolence message read:

“In the language of the Gita therefore ‘happy the warrior who achieves such a blessed death.’ … I cannot therefore mourn over his death. He and his are to be envied. For though Shraddhanandji is dead, he is yet living. He is living in a truer sense than when he moved in our midst in his giant body …..”I have called Abdul Rashid a brother and I repeat it. I do not even regard him as guilty of Swamiji’s murder. Guilty indeed are all those who excited feelings of hatred against one another.”

Source (#11): Indian National Congress: A Descriptive Bibliography of India’s Struggle for Freedom | Written by Jagdish Saran Sharma.

12. And so twisted were the views of Gandhi that he said that if someone is out there raping your sister, all you should do is fall on to that person’s feet and if that bully or the rapist stabs and kills you, you should accept death.

Source (#12): Gandhi Gondhal (Gandhi’s Confusion) | Written by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

13. Gandhi was a supporter of orthodox dogmas like caste system. He actually maintained two papers – one in English and one in Gujarati. In English he posed himself as a supporter of movements against caste system, untouchability etc. but in Gujarati paper he actually supported the age-old dogmas.

Source: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s interview on BBC Radio which was broadcast on 31st December 1955. You can find a part of the interview here on YouTube.

14. Gandhi hated the great Hindu rulers, especially Shivaji Maharaj. In order to appease the Muslims, Gandhi actually banned a poem called ShivBhaavani. The poet was someone named Bhushan. The poem correctly depicted Islam’s intolerance and fierce fundamentalism spread by it.

Source (#14): The Sacrifice of 55 Crores (Panchavanna Kotinche Bali) – 1971 | Written by Gopal Vinayak Godse.

15. Durga Das, a famous reporter during the Indian Independence struggle met with Annie Besant at her mansion, which was also the Theosophists headquarters. That is where Das found Besant nearly exploding with rage when she nearly endorsed the view of Sankaran Nair (former President of Indian National Congress) that Gandhi was pushing India into absolute anarchy.

Source (#15): Click here

Dark Facts About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: 16-20

16. While Annie Besant almost accepted / endorsed the view, Sankaran Nair actually wrote a whole book titled “Gandhi and anarchy”.

In this book, Nair rightly pointed out towards the very beginning that Gandhi’s ideology of Ahimsa did not sit well with his support for caste system and even more extreme, Gandhi’s support for Khilafat movement was completely opposed to his Ahimsa ideology because Mahomedans are everything but non-violent.

17. Talking of the Khilafat Movement, he supported that and the sole idea (we think so) is to make political capital. What turned out was that the support for Khilafat Movement only unleashed and validated Islamic extremism and conservatism, unchaining the brutal forces of fanaticism, communalism and fundamentalism. One of the many manifestations of Islamic fanaticism is the Mappilah uprising down south in Kerala.

18. In “My Political Memoirs” by N. B. Khare, it is clearly mentioned by Dr. Khare that when Subhash Chandra Bose met him, Bose simply said that India has no hopes until Gandhism is removed for Gandhi has actually made India impotent by his useless rants of Ahimsa.

gandhi with manu and abha, dark facts about mohandas karamchand gandhi

19. Moving from politics to personal life of Gandhi, here is something that will irk your innerself if have even a tiny bit of sanity. He actually slept nude with naked women and nubiles. He even slept naked with his grandniece Manu and his grandnephew Kanu Gandhi’s wife Abha. He slept naked with both of them together.

Why would he do that in the first place? Wait for a whole new article about Gandhi’s cynical experiments with sex and naked women! You will surely love it and hate that man.

Source (#19): Here

20. Gandhi was actually a harrowing racist. In case you are unaware, this so called said and so called Father of Nation spent 1 year north of two decades in South Africa where , in 1896 he gave a speech and said that black natives of South Africa are basically ‘raw kaffir’ who hunt, collect some cattle and buy a wife with the sole purpose of living the rest of their lives in nakedness and indolence. What really is a Kaffir? In South Africa, it is equivalent to N-word.

Dark Facts About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: 21-25

21. That wasn’t the only instance where he insulted the natives of South Africa. There was one point in his 21 years of life in South Africa where he was sent in prison where he was kept with black natives of Kaffir prison.

He complained about the same and said that Indians are way above the black natives of SA and that these natives have a lifestyle of animals and live in dirty conditions and are very troublesome.

Source (#20 and #21): 1, 2, 3, 4

22. And a hypocrite… yes, he was a big hypocrite. While he preached unity of Hindus and Muslims (with of course, strong favoritism to the Islamic fanatics), he prevented his son from tying marital knots with a Muslim girl.

23. He publicly denounced parliamentary politics, lawyers and even railways but he was actually a lawyer and always made use of railways to reach his destinations (for meetings) and not to mention, he actually argued that India should have her own parliament. Such a two-faced snake he was!

24. And talk of his moral corruption… did you know what he did with Manu (his grandniece)? He sent her into a jungle to get pumice stone for his feet. That jungle was infamous for rapists awaiting prey.

When Manu came back and was in tears, that sick man said that his heart would have danced out of immense joy had she met a courageous death if a ruffian had carried her off!

Source (#22, #23 and #24): Here

25. And how can we not say about how he treated his own wife? Kasturba Bai – Gandhi’s wife was suffering of pneumonia and a penicillin shot was the cure for that disease. Gandhi didn’t allow that shot stating that the medicine was alien and that God would pull her through. Unfortunately, that did not happen and she died.

Dark Facts About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: 26-30

26. Only weeks later, he was bed-ridden with malaria and when doctors prescribed quinine (yet another alien drug), his faith in God vanished completely and allowed the doctors to administer the drug to survive. He even allowed an appendectomy on himself by the British doctors. Such a hypocrite!

27. And guess what? Gandhi said that he can’t really look at Kasturba Bai’s face because her face reminds him of a meek cow.

28. Gandhi was actually Sergeant-Major Gandhi and won a war medal for the valor he showed while under fire to help the British forces suppress the African rebellion (that of the black natives of South Africa whom that so-called saint called Kaffir).

Source (#25, #26, #27 and #28): Here

29. At the peak of World War II, Gandhi launched Quit India Movement to get rid of the British but little do we know that the Japanese at that point were at the doorsteps of India.

The battles of Kohima and Imphal took place where the Japanese forces were denied entry into Indian hinterlands. Had the Japanese entered India via that route, the result would have been immense bloodshed, suffering, rapes and more as happened in China and some other Asian countries.

When the Japanese were at the doorstep, Gandhi said that Indians should surrender to the invading forces and should show non-cooperation to make the Japanese feel unwanted. Basically, Gandhi was asking Indians to make way for anarchy!

30. And during WWII when Hitler’s Nazi forces were on the loose, a reporter asked what should have the Jews done? Should they have committed mass suicide? Gandhi replied in affirmation saying that that would have been a heroic deed. He said that the Jews should have jumped off the cliff into the sea and that would have been more significant!

Source (#29 and #30): Here

This list can go on and on… In fact, the list can get so long that once you finish reading, you will invariably want history to be rewritten. You will invariable want to travel through time and rid the world of Gandhi before he started his screwed up, corrupt and pathetic views that eventually made India impotent and pushed back her independence by years.

Gandhi was no saint. He was a pathetic racist, who should be completely erased out of history not just in India but in the rest of the world as well. He doesn’t deserve the title “Father of the Nation”. His image should be removed from Indian currency notes and he should be denounce in every street or every town and village in every state of India. Gandhi was just a nuisance.

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  • Thank you for your article. Mohandas was a jerk, confused and a hypocrite, to say the least. Among other things, he was arrogant and often made statements that were untrue, unkind and lacked ahimsa. The number of his good deeds is almost outnumbered by his misdeeds. I’m a retired psychologist born [1946] in the USA, read much about India and have travelled in India on four occasions.

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