30 Interesting Shanti Devi Reincarnation Facts

shanti devi reincarnation

We often come across claims of reincarnation from almost everywhere in this world but the most authentic case to be ever recorded was that of Shanti Devi of India.

The case went viral within years of its surfacing and many national and international scholars investigated the case, eventually concluding that whatever Shanti Devi claimed was indeed true.

So, here are 30 interesting Shanti Devi reincarnation facts that will amaze you if you believe in rebirth.

Interesting Shanti Devi Reincarnation Facts: 1-5

1. Shanti Devi was born on December 11, 1926 in a little known town of Delhi. She did not speak much until she reached the age of 4 but otherwise she was just a normal girl like any other in the locality.

2. At the age of four, the little girl started claiming that the home where she lived was not her real home and that her parents were not her real parents. She even claimed that her name was Lugdi and not Shanti Devi.

3. Shanti Devi even claimed that she was married and had a son with her husband. She said that her husband lived in Mathura (145 kilometers from Delhi) but never uttered his name.

4. Shanti Devi told that not only was she married but that she died 10 days after child birth.

5. She even said that her husband was a cloth merchant and that his shop was located right in front of Dwarkadhish Temple.

Interesting Shanti Devi Reincarnation Facts: 6-10

6. That little girl even mentioned three distinctive features of her husband. She said that her husband wore reading glasses, had a wart on left cheek and was a fair skinned man.

7. During meals at her home, she used to tell her parents that at her Mathura home she used to eat different kinds of sweets.

8. She often narrated the types of dresses she used to wear at her home in Mathura. These incidences disturbed her parents who sought help from family physician. At this stage, she was only 6 years old.

9. When the physician met her, Shanti Devi narrated everything that happened till her death after childbirth and that included the complicated surgical procedures she underwent.

10. The physician was left absolutely stunned by the detailed narration unable to figure out how a little girl like her would even know about such complicated surgical procedures.

Interesting Shanti Devi Reincarnation Facts: 11-15

11. Shanti Devi uttered her husband’s name for the first time only when she was 9 years old. She did not speak his name because it was customary in India not to utter husband’s name even when specifically asked.

12. A teacher named Babu Bishanchand from Ramjas High School Daryaganj, who was also a distant relative of Shanti Devi, lured her into saying her husband’s name stating that he would take Shanti Devi to Mathura only if she told him her husband’s name.

13. Shanti Devi whispered into Bishanchand’s ears that her husband’s name was Pandit Kedar Nath Chaube. Bishanchand wrote a letter to Pandit Kedar Nath Chaube detailing everything and requested Kedar Nath to visit Delhi. To this, Kedar Nath replied that whatever Shanti Devi had said was true and that his wife Ludgi indeed died 10 days after childbirth.

14. Kedar Nath also said in the reply that Pandit Kanjimal – one of his relatives lived in Delhi and should be allowed to meet Shanti Devi.

15. Pandit Kanjimal personally met Shanti Devi and was surprised to find the amount of details she gave about Kedar Nath. Thus, he (Kanjimal) arranged for Shanti Devi’s and Kedar Nath’s meeting. Kedar Nath did come along with his and Ludgi’s son and his present wife.

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Interesting Facts About Shanti Devi Reincarnation: 16-20

16. Kedar Nath was however posed as elder brother of himself but Shanti Devi recognized him immediately and also his son Navneet Lal and even pointed out to her mother the fair color of Kedar Nath and the wart on his left cheek.

17. During Kedar Nath’s stay in Delhi, Shanti Devi instructed her mother to make pumpkin squash and parathas stuffed with potatoes as they were Kedar Nath’s favorite. To this Kedar Nath was left completely speechless as they were indeed his favorite food.

18. To be completely convinced, Kedar Nath asked Shanti Devi to say something very unusual. To this, Shanti Devi spoke of a well in Kedar Nath’s home’s courtyard where she (Lugdi) used to take bath.

19. Shanti Devi even asked Kedar Nath why he remarried because he promised her (Lugdi) during death that he would not remarry. To this Kedar Nath was left with absolutely no answer.

20. Kedar Nath even asked for spending some time alone with Shanti Devi before retiring for night. It was after that night that he completely accepted that Shanti Devi was indeed the reincarnation of Lugdi.

Interesting Facts About Shanti Devi Reincarnation: 21-25

21. Later investigations revealed that that night Kedar Nath asked Shanti Devi how she became pregnant even when she was unable to get up because of arthritis. To this Shanti Devi explained the entire process of intercourse to Kedar Nath.

22. Shanti Devi’s news spread like wildfire and reached Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi appointed 15 prominent people including parliamentarians, media members and national leaders for investigating the case.

23. These 15 people took Shanti Devi to Mathura. On the station, she was shown a stranger from Mathura and was asked if she could recognize him. She immediately touched his feet and recognized him as her husband’s elder brother, who he actually was.

24. On their way to Kedar Nath’s home, Shanti Devi spoke of changes that took place in Mathura after her death and all turned out to be true when inquired with local people.

25. On reaching home, Shanti Devi immediately recognized her father-in-law in the midst of a crowd. She even recognized several of her items, her bedroom and even took the investigators to a different house where she and Kedar Nath lived separately for a few years after marriage.

Interesting Facts About Shanti Devi Reincarnation: 26-30

26. She even answered several questions which involved words only known to Chaubes of Mathura and no one outside Chaube clan would normally know those words.

27. Shanti Devi was also asked to take the investigators to the well she spoke of in Delhi. She did take them there but found nothing and was surprised. Kedar Nath then revealed the well by removing a piece of large stone.

28. Eventually after a lot of probing and questioning, the researchers declared that Shanti Devi was actually the reincarnation of Lugdi.

29. Soon, Shanti Devi’s case received international exposure and many scholars, saints, critics and researchers came to find out the truth.

30. One of the prominent Swedish critics of those days named Sture Lonnerstrand came down to India with an intention to prove the entire story to be hoax but eventually after his investigation, he explicitly accepted the fact and said that Shanti Devi reincarnation case was the only proven case of reincarnation he came across.

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