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Before we jump into Bibhorr formula facts, we will quickly answer a few questions like what is Bibhorr formula, who invented the formula, etc. Bibhorr formula is a recently invented mathematical equation that studies triangles in the absence of trigonometric functions like sine, cos, tan, etc. The equation is a schematic substitution to the conventional approach in trigonometry. This methodology favors the independence of triangle elements and breaks any entanglement with trigonometric functions.

Trigonometry is the study of triangles that is accomplished through the use of vague functions like sine, cos, and tan. An equation that takes over all these functions is Bibhorr formula. Bibhorr formula let us solve trigonometry problems by eliminating these erroneous trigonometric functions.

If we have to find an angle of a right triangle for all the given sides, we will surely apply our trigonometry skills, but this can also be done with Bibhorr formula and that too without involving any complexity regarding the computations of sines and cosines.

Formal Definition of Bibhorr Formula

In mathematics, Bibhorr formula is an equation for setting up a relation between the sides and angles of a right triangle in a novel way without employing trigonometric functions. The equation solves planar and spherical trigonometry problems. The relation, depicted in Hindi alphabets, proves useful in applied mathematics and mathematical physics.

The formula relates all the three sides with the Bibhorr angle and is represented in the form of equality in which the angle is shown in LHS (Left Hand Side) where it is being equated to a composite geometric construction of linear elements. The Logical Unification of Variables (LUV) makes the formula great in all aspects.

Bibhorr Formula vs. Trigonometry

In the existing trigonometric approach, the sides and angles of a triangle cannot be related directly, and hence a notation in the form of functions is employed. The function of an angle is an abstract depiction used to equate the angle to its corresponding ratio of the paired sides. This correspondence is maintained through the well-written charts called trigonometric tables that relate an angle to its corresponding ratio.

Bibhorr formula instead, is found to directly relate the three sides with an angle of a right triangle. Because the relation between the variables is in the form of an equation, there is no requirement for the abstract notations through trigonometric functions. This way the new formulation proves useful as an alternative to the conventional approach of trigonometry.

Bibhorr Formula as a Game Changer

Bibhorr formula is a real game changer causing a major setback to the global scientific community as it is the only formulation in the science that has engulfed a full-fledged concept. The formula is not just restricted to mathematics and physics but is beyond. It is first in the science world that a relationship between an angular and linear measure has been established and is, therefore, an important milestone in the mathematical innovation history.

Invented by an Indian scientist Bibhorr, the impossible equation is set to revolutionize the multifarious concepts in science and mathematics. The single formulation is the master key that unlocks all the trigonometry problems. For any given problem regarding trigonometry, one needs to apply Bibhorr formula. With this equation, one could solve any number of problems without involving trigonometric functions.

Mathematics, in general, is everywhere around us and is not limited to the arithmetic calculations, the plus, and minus that we need for our daily calculations. We all know the importance of mathematics in our daily lives. From a task as simple as consolidating our monthly expenses to the filing of tax returns, we find its applications everywhere in every field. But is that it? Is it only that much useful to an ordinary person?

No, it is much beyond that and is even the foundation of subjects like quantum physics. This new equation has shown a different and the other side of mathematics. It has proved that mathematics has a solution to the complex problems of matter, energy, nature, life and beyond.

Bibhorr Formula – Bibhorr and His Research

Bibhorr is an aerospace engineer and mathematical scientist with a degree in B.Tech from Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. He collaborated with Air India at Mumbai for his industrial up-skill, where he worked for engine overhauling, and aircraft maintenance departments. Bibhorr devised the formula completely on his own by laying the foundation of a new law, named after him. He finds scholars like Aryabhata and Baudhayana as his source of inspiration.

The formulation was devised by Bibhorr as a result of combing two new theorems, also founded by him. A step by step approach to the construction of all the theorems is shown in the research publication authored by Bibhorr.

Oodham Team prepared a 12 paged catalog for verifying the practical workability of the equation. The catalog consisted of all the triangle designs for an angle whose measure varied from 45º to 90º. As the angle increased, its impact on the other triangle variables was noted. All the data produced was then found to be in cohesion with the newly developed formulas.

The research outlines three new laws modeled out of a completely pristine notion. The research is centered on an equation that alone fulfills the requirement of all trigonometric functions.

The Summary of the Bibhorr’s research that gave Bibhorr Formula:

The research introduces a mathematical formula for establishing relations between the triangle elements without employing trigonometric functions.

The new theory is found to provide accurate results in trigonometry related engineering problems as it does not rely on data gathered from trigonometry tables.

The formulation is further found to reduce the mathematical complexities related to trigonometry and its applications in applied physics.

Following are the scientific facts about Bibhorr formula.

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 1-5 | Definition

Bibhorr Formula

1. Bibhorr formula is a mathematical code that relates four elements of a right-angle triangle. These elements include three sides and one angle. Because, the three sides are related through the Baudhayana/Pythagorean theorem, practically only two sides need to be known for evaluating Bibhorr angle.

2. Bibhorr formula involves only two constants – 1.5 and 90º which are called Bibhorr constant and Bibhorr sthiron respectively. These constants are pivotal as they denote the geometrical nature of the equation.

3. Another name of the formula is “King of Equations.” Many books with this title have been published by authors from around the globe, hence recognized as a synonym of the equation.

4. The equation is a straightforward geometrical unification of all linear variables associated with a right triangle.

5. The formula is a symbolic manipulation based on Bibhorr law that can be proved and derived by merging Bibhorr leek theorem with Bibhorr law.

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 6-10 | Definition

6. All the variables in Bibhorr formula are notated in Hindi letters. Bibhorr, being an Indian, has incorporated the use of Hindi symbols and terminologies.

7. The equation introduces new triangle terminologies for the sides and angles. This naming system is called Bibhorrmetric nomenclature. The purpose of the naming system is to identify each variable to fit in a single format.

8. For a given right angle triangle, the longest, medium and shortest sides are referred to as shrav, lambu and chhutku respectively.

9. Mathematically, the longest, shortest and medium sides are notated in Hindi symbols श्र, छ and लं respectively.

10. For every three inputs, the formula generates an output. Also, only two inputs can result in generating two outputs.

Bibhorr Formula

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 11-15 | Angles

11. The angle opposite the medium side of a right triangle is the Bibhorr angle.

12. In a right-angle triangle, Bibhorr angle is always greater than or equal to 45º.

13. The Hindi letter बि is the symbol used to denote this angle.

14. This angle lies in the LHS of the Bibhorr equation.

15. The degree units of Bibhorr angle can be converted to radian by multiplication with (π/180).

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 16-20 | Angles

16. For a right triangle, the sum of Bibhorr and Ubhorr angles equal to 90º. This means that if both the angles are equal to each other then, each angle would be 45º. This condition also signifies that the triangle will be symmetrical.

17. The angle opposite the shortest side of a right triangle is the Ubhorr angle.

18. Ubhorr angle is always less than or equal to 45º.

19. Mathematically, this angle is represented as ऊ.

20. Ubhorr angle can be computed by deducting the magnitude of the Bibhorr angle from 90º.

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 21-25 | Constants

21. Bibhorr constant 1.5 is a rational invariable value. This constant can also be written in fraction form 3/2. It is believed to be cryptic.

22. Bibhorr sthiron which equals 90º or π/2 is another constant employed in the equation. This constant is used as a reference angle in Bibhorr law.

23. The units of Bibhorr angle are either degrees or radian; depending on the form of Bibhorr sthiron used in the equation, that is, it depends on whether the sthiron is 90º or π/2. If sthiron is 90º then Bibhorr angle is in degrees otherwise for π/2, it is in radians.

24. The symbol बँ is used to denote Bibhorr constant.

25. Bibhorr sthiron is represented by सि.

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 26-30 | Properties

26. When lambu equals shrav then Bibhorr angle equals 90º. This condition results in a Ubhorr angle equal to 0º. That is when श्र = लं then बि=90º and ऊ=0º

27. When the lambu equals chhutku then the Bibhorr angle is 45º. That is when छ =लं then बि=45º

28. Chhutku can never equal shrav, and hence, Ubhorr angle never equals 90º.

29. Bibhorr angle lies between 45º to 90º. That is 45º ≤ बि ≤ 90º

30. Ubhorr angle lies between 0º to 45º. That is 0º ≤ ऊ ≤ 45º

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 31-35 | Comparison with Bhaskara’s Formula

31. In mathematical terms, the Bibhorr formula looks similar to Bhaskar’s sine approximation formula. Bibhorr formula follows Bhaskarian pattern.

32. According to this pattern, the solution must be a fraction. Bibhorr formula is also depicted in terms of the fraction.

33. The pattern says the numerator should contain a linear expression. The numerator portion in Bibhorr formula also has a linear expression.

34. According to the pattern, the denominator should be a linear expression between a variable and a portion of the linear expression in numerator. This is also utilized in Bibhorr formula.

35. The difference between Bibhorr’s and Bhaskar’s formula is that Bibhorr formula is an ideal unification of triangle variables whereas Bhaskar’s formula is an approximation of the sine of an angle.

Bibhorr formula

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 36-40 | Comparison with Trigonometry

36. Compared to conventional trigonometry, Bibhorr formula speeds up mathematical computations.

37. Unlike trigonometry, Bibhorr formula relies on just two constants to establish relations. It is evident that trigonometry makes use of multiple constants from trigonometry tables.

38. The equation does not require multiple formulations as opposed to trigonometry. Trigonometry demands multiple identities for obtaining a solution.

39. Unlike trigonometry, the results obtained are accurate and do not encounter errors.

40. Both Trigonometry and Bibhorrmetry are Indian innovations. Trigonometry originated in India during the advent of Indus Valley Civilization. Aryabhata is considered as the authentic father of trigonometry. Bibhorr formula is also invented by an Indian.

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 40-45 | History & Publication

41. To help a schoolboy pass his final exam in mathematics, Bibhorr developed the formula. A schoolboy whom Bibhorr met in a public park became the real cause behind the invention. Bibhorr formulated the equation as a gift to be presented to the lucky boy.

42. The findings of Bibhorr formula were published in a research journal curated by Oodham Research Team.

43. Being a completely new concept, the research paper did not make use of any source. The original journal did not include source or reference of information as the formula is constructed out of a completely fresh notion.

44. The cover of the research journal was designed by Bibhorr himself.

45. The research paper consists of three new notions – Bibhorr law, Bibhorr leek theorem, and Bibhorr formula.

Bibhorr Formula Facts: 46-50 | Applications

46. Bibhorr formula is useful in astronomy in finding intergalactic distances and distances between astronomical bodies.

47. The equation is found beneficial in aerodynamics in finding the angle of attacks of an airplane, angle of descend of the airplane, the angle of climb, etc.

48. In operating arms of the robot, the formula proves useful. In geography, the equation can be used for calculating distances between two geographic locations. In navigation, real-time distances can be calculated between two points using the Bibhorr formula.

49. Another application of formula is in Civil engineering for studying a variety of architectures.

50. Aerospace engineering is an additional application where the equation is used in finding areas of airplane wings and more.

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