Anturu Village in India Gets Giant Footprints – Aliens Perhaps?

giant footprints

Aliens are elusive, aren’t they? They spread fear among resident Earthlings and have kind of a nasty habit of popping up in the most unimaginable of places.

For instance, the unassuming village of Anturu in Karnataka’s Gadag district is the latest home for alien hysteria and quite definitely, some bizarre theories attempting to explain what’s ‘humanly impossible’.

The Fuss about Giant Footprints

The latest episode of alien melodrama has the stage set up in Anturu village located in Karnataka, India. Not many alien stories come out of the subcontinent but this one definitely has a punch in it.

Imagine a nice nap overnight and in the morning, it’s not the chirping birds or the crowing rooster of mooing cows that wake you up. Instead, it is “heavy breathing” that creates a mysterious surrounding and you wake up with a spine-chilling thought.

Will you like to be in such a setting? Guess what, the Anturu villagers did face this and adding to the already tense surrounding, people come out of their houses to see footprints unlike any they have seen before. Big or rather giant footprints that are set at a distance of 3-feet.

Now, do some superficial math. Add ‘heavy breathing (HB)’ with ‘giant footprints (GF)’. The equation can be any one of these:

  1. HB + GF = Huge Wild Boar
  2. HB + GF = Yeti
  3. HB + GF = Mande Barung
  4. HB + GF = Bigfoot
  5. HB + GF = Aliens

We can keep 1 and 5 and discard 2, 3 and 4. Why like that? Here are the reasons:

Yeti lives in Himalayas (as believed but they have never been spotted). So, second equation isn’t possible. Comes Mande Barung, which is basically Indian version of the fabled Bigfoot of the west.

giant footprints

But Mande Barung is believed to be a resident of Bangladesh and Northeast India. The problem is, in order to be in Anturu, Mande Barung had to take a seriously long walk all the way down to Southwest and doing so without getting stopped somewhere is not really a feasible option.

Comes Bigfoot and can you point out how Bigfoot can manage to travel across continents? No that’s not possible unless there is a secret service offering a flight service for free for the sake of…umm…humanity and Bigfootanity…

So, we are stuck with Huge Wild Boar and Aliens. A wild boar doesn’t really carry with it such intense drama that an alien does but local Forest Department officials were quick to point out that a wild boar may be the culprit because when it runs, its paws come close and the proximity of the paws can lead to marks that big.

Imagine the funniest thing you can think of. Now compare this to what those officials of Forest Department had to say. They said that sometimes injured cattle can leave those prints because prints like those are a common sight in places or fields where injured cattle walk. Seriously??

So, aliens… they make sense! Don’t they?

Giant Footprints: The Actual Story of What Happened

July 9, 2017… 2 AM in the morning and the villagers heard heavy breathing filling the surrounding of a typical rustic setting. That wasn’t pleasant. It could never be.

Pinned down by a sense of fear running down the veins, the villagers glued themselves to their beds and didn’t dare to come out until bright daylight was hitting and warming up the cold soil that the humans left untrodden through the night.

In the morning when they (the villagers) step out, they are greeted with the unpleasant sight of 20 to 30 footprints – giant footprints set apart by gaps of 3 feet each.

They fail to recall any animal that could possibly leave such prints. Neither could they recall an odd-footed villager among them who could be the possible perpetrator.

The lack of a possible contender aired the possibility of roaming aliens and then came the orders of the village seniors and the daring men – “don’t come out of the house”. Of course, that’s what happened.

Aleya Ghost Lights – Do You Know What They Are?

The intimidated women and children preferred to stay indoors for who knows what mystery lurks right around a desolate corner.

It didn’t take time for the word to spread and in no time, people from the nearby villages and towns started pouring in. Their curiosity led to the inevitable – stomping!

Just when the footprints were being massacred by the brutal stomping, someone from the host village decided to pull out his phone and click a picture or two to send it to the local Forest Department.

The officials from the department rushed in and set up patrol teams to scout the area of any possible signs of alien invasion. Two nights after the patrol team was set up, it was declared by the department that the area had no “alien contamination”.

However, when Yashpal Ksheersagar, who happens to be the Deputy Conservator of Forests, was asked about the footprints, he came with the wild boar and injured cattle theory.

He did however say that photographs of the footprints have been sent to Dehradun’s Wildlife Institute of India for a proper investigation and that he is hopeful that WII will come up with a solid explanation.

The Exact Location of the Giant Footprints?

Want to see the footprints? That might not be possible but in case you want to visit the site, feel free to reach the Boodihal Mutt – a religious establishment in the village and ask for the locals to point of the nearby farm where the footprints were found.

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