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The content produced on this website is a result of intensive research done from various sources. The authors do not always claim the information to be authentic, especially when it comes to historical content or alternate history.

Talking of alternate history, most of the authors on this website believe that history is often twisted and for years, historians with certain ideology have tried to paint a picture that they wanted us to see.

These authors attempt to get past that mental barrier created over years of hammering of information. They believe in one simple thing:

A lie told a hundred times become a truth and a lie told a thousand times becomes statistics.

These authors try to unearth the truth that has been hidden in plain sight for several decades. They want to break through the cobweb of lies and propaganda that has painted India in a very bad light and has given the Indians a gift of at least two things:

A belief that their culture is inferior and not worth sticking to and that a complete embrace of the western culture is the only way out.

A belief that whatever these historians (with a certain set of beliefs) say is the ultimate truth.

So, this website may offend many and please many others. That’s the reason why the website gives a social platform where people can come together and discuss and debate.

Eventually, a debate and a sane discussion is what will lead us to our bright future.

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