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Hypocrisy of Christianity

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      Sankalan Baidya

      Born some 2,000 years ago, Christianity has its ups and downs but, the undying need of projecting it as the only true religion, the relentless drives of conversions and the deeply embedded hypocrisy is seldom spoken of. While Christians don’t take a moment to discard other religions or mock their Gods and Goddess, they forget to look right into their backyard where there are a thousand questions that when asked, shakes the very foundation of the religion. Shall we discuss?

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      Sankalan Baidya

      Here is my first question to Christians. If you think that Hindu gods and goddesses are ridiculous to have many hands and heads, if you think that Hindu gods and goddesses are mere figments of imagination and that miracles are mere stories created by Hindus, tell us, ‘How did Virgin Mary’ become mother without having sex? Is that not a miracle? Is that not something you should be logically asking? Is that not something that defies science?

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      Sankalan Baidya

      Here is my second question to you. If your God is so merciful, why did he have to send his Son to Earth to suffer for the misdeeds of the humans? Why couldn’t your God simply forgive the humans or simply punish the humans and then forgive them? There was no reason for your God to send his Son and make him suffer for the misdeeds of the mortals.

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