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kodinhi twin town

Twins are in no way not creepy. They can very much freak you out from time to time. Imagine what happens when you get in an area, perhaps a small village where, no matter which direction you look in, you will get to see twins!

Isn’t that going to make you feel that you have gone nuts? Well, this is not any fantasy story we are narrating. India, which has a very low rate of twinning in world has one small village known as Kodinhi which far surpasses the world average of twins born in a year. It is because of this, Kodinhi has been given the title of Twin Town.

Located in Kerala, this small village is situated 15 miles off Malappuram and boasts a population of only 2,000 people. This nondescript backwater village in South India is freaking out scientists all over the world.

In this population of 2,000 lives a stunning number of 220 pairs of twins. Yeah! 220 sets which equates to 440 individuals.

kodinhi twin town

Kodinhi Twin Town Mystery Remains Unsolved

Kodinhi Twin Town is seriously amazing. Scientists are trying to figure out the reason for this high twinning rate in this village but so far, they have not really succeeded.

The oldest twin pair that lives in the village today were born in 1949. This village has what is known as ‘The Twins and Kins Association’. It is actually an association of twins and is the first of its kind in the entire world.

What’s really spooky about the whole thing is that women of the village who have been married off to far away lands (we mean far away villages) have actually given birth to twins.

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Also the reverse is true. Men who have come and started living in Kodinhi from other villages and married a girl from Kodinhi have been blessed with twins.

In this Twin Town, of every 1,000 births, 45 are twins. This is an extremely high rate compared to entire India’s average of 4 out of every 1,000.

A local doctor named Krishnan Sribiju has studied the twinning phenomenon of the village for quite some time now and found out that twinning rate in Kodinhi is actually increasing.

Scientists have considered almost every factor that can possibly lead to high rate of twins. They have considered things like climatic conditions, heredity, molecular factors, biological factors and even genetic factors but failed to get an answer that properly explains the phenomenon in the Kodinhi Twin Town.

According to Sribiju, high twinning is caused by something that the villagers are drinking or eating. Whatever is causing this, the bottom line is that 220 pairs of twins in a population of 2,000 is outright bizarre.

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