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DSC-Based Online PAN Application – How To?

Wondering what is the process for DSC-based online PAN application? It is quite simple and straight forward. In this user guide, we are going...

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30 Interesting Shanti Devi Reincarnation Facts

We often come across claims of reincarnation from almost everywhere in this world but the most authentic case to be ever recorded was that...

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Anturu Village in India Gets Giant Footprints – Aliens Perhaps?

Aliens are elusive, aren’t they? They spread fear among resident Earthlings and have kind of a nasty habit of popping up in the most unimaginable...

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Kodinhi Twin Town – Mysteries of India

Twins are in no way not creepy. They can very much freak you out from time to time. Imagine what happens when you get...

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The INA Treasure – India’s First Scam?

There are things that go down the annals of history only to be forgotten. Then, there are things that we tuck in the deep recesses of...

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20 Interesting Man of the Millennium Facts

Before we begin with our list of Man of the Millennium facts, we will like to say a few words. World is full of filth...

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20 Sir Venkata Raman Facts – Discovery of Raman Effect

In our previous article on C.V. Raman facts, we learned about his early life and his work in general. We did not ...

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25 Interesting C.V. Raman Facts – Nobel Laureate from India

One of the greatest Physicists of India and the world, Sir. C.V. Raman left a massive impression in the world of Physics by discovering...

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30 Interesting Yellapragada Subbarao Facts

Scientist Yellapragada Subbarao is one typical example from the modern times, who became a victim of west’s racial take on India. His legendary achievements...

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Srinivasa Ramanujan Random Facts: 30 Trivia on Mathematical Superhero

In our last article on Srinivasa Ramanujan facts, we learned about his early life and we learned how he went to Cambridge ...

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