What Can I Do in the Community?

A Lot…

You can do a lot in the community. Here is a quick list of a few things that you can do:

Create groups and discuss on topics.

Make new friends and start private messaging.

Upload photos and videos.

Post quotes and links.

You can directly search for GIFs (there is a built in search engine for GIFs) and post the one you want or simply upload a GIF.

You can share slideshows.

Post audio files. For instance, if you sing and want to post a song that you sang, you can do so. You can post any audio that adheres to community guidelines.

Bookmark or pin favorite posts.

Post status.

Upload files – PDFs or Word Documents. You cannot upload .rar, .zip, .exe, etc. files. The files you upload can be made public or private or can be shared with your friends or only the members in the community.